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Solo Sessions

solo sessions 

photo x @kar_richardson

photo x @kar_richardson

what I offer .. 

Solo Sessions are ground-breaking for anyone wishing to grow their yoga practice in a skillful way. With intention to strengthen, expand, and deepen connection within postures, pranayama, or any individual goal, you’ll be guided through a creative and purposeful practice with details specific to your needs. The tips you'll receive will offer you in-depth awareness of alignment, modifications, and variations that can be applied to your regular class practice. Solo sessions are a great way to ask what can’t always be addressed during class and help to create a personal home practice designed for you and your body. Our time together will be comprehensive, playful, and can take place within the comfort of your home or studio. 

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testimonials ..

"I took Rosie's private class and she specified to teach me how to approach handstand which was my request. She is full of knowledge through her experience of how to approach the poses not only physically but also mentally. She also personalized the session just for me and my ability. I loved the summery that she sent me after the class too!! Her group class is so creative and grounded and she always come up with new interesting moves, so I highly recommend her group class as well! " - Akari N.

"Working with Rosie one-on-one has dramatically expanded and improved my yoga practice. I began private lessons in order to focus more on inversions, and Rosie has helped tremendously. With her assistance, I have advanced my practice to incorporate handstands from multiple entry points throughout my flow. And she offered useful adjustments to my form that have allowed me to progress to holding my handstands for longer with less struggle. Her guidance has also been helpful in more subtle and unexpected ways. Some of the adjustments she offered to my approach and form in more 'ordinary' poses like Downard Facing Dog and even Child's Pose have really shifted my daily yoga classes to the next level. In a full class, it's simply impossible to get the kind of attention you get with a one-on-one lesson. I have found that supplementing my group classes with monthly lessons from Rosie was exactly what I needed to really thrive in my practice." - Carl D.