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yoga .. art .. wild happenings 

      the creative space for authentic. direct. unapologetic. love 

 photo x @_allyand

My practice explores the human experience by observing the creative self and natural world around us. With the assistance of daydreams and a far out perspective, I play with movement and writings to create imagery that relates to the space within and without. Our bodies are energetic information centers, and as we learn to see the language of the mind-body, we become the creators of our highest potential. Yoga has allowed me to fully embody the person I am today, with all my ways of viewing the world, and how I wish to live in it. I see nature and art, in every aspect, as a deepened sense of understanding. Our creative self is tuned to these qualities, able to see beyond the identifications of the mind, and simply feel what is. Our practice is to experience this sensation, in all forms, so that when wild happenings arise they can be met with our truth to the moment. Every posture, every breath, every person you meet is an adventure of opening yourself to authentic, direct, unapologetic, love. It's always a practice, it's never perfect, and thats the beauty of it all. Lets explore the quirky weird goodness of the moment, cause I wouldn't want it any other way for you. 

Rosie Llewellyn RYT 500 x Seattle WA

Creating a clear pathway of communication between brain & heart

Training ..

300 hr • Intrinsic Genius w/ Meghan Currie • Nicaragua 2016 

200 hr • Frog Lotus Yoga w/ Jennifer Yaro • Costa Rica 2013

Love and All is Coming • Talia Sutra • Seattle 2017

Splits + Laterals • Carmen Aguilar • Seattle 2016

Adjustments Workshop • Troy Lucero • Seattle 2016

Weekend Module • Kino MacGregor • Seattle 2015/16

1 Day Workshop • Meghan Currie • Seattle 2014 

Gratitude ..

 photo x @studio_jorg

photo x @studio_jorg

for all my teachers that have guided me beyonddd

Meghan Currie • Chelsea Wise • Troy Lucero

Jennifer Yarro • Carla Ludgren • Nature