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About Me

yoga / art / & wild happenings

photo x @kar_richardson

photo x @kar_richardson

Hey friends! I’m Rosie, a yoga teacher, self-published author, and artist inspired by the adventure of creativity and our magical natural world. I’ve spent the last seven years exploring the path of yoga, which I discovered after leaving fashion design school. I felt called to spark the thrill in life, and yoga has allowed me to fully embody my creative power, collaborative mindset, unique perspective, and how I wish to show up in the world. With over 700 hours of study in various schools, I am devoted to the path of Rasa Yoga and my wonderful teacher, Greta Hill. Rasa is the artistry of life through the lens of soul alchemy, creative vinyasa, mantra, mudra, meditation, ritual, tantra, and earth guardianship. I currently teach in Seattle and offer this practice of playful strength + spaciousness in support of our infinite potential that expands individually, collectively, and planetary.

I am passionate about our essential connection to the planet, and in every aspect, see Nature as a mirror to our inner landscape of growth, evolution, and healing. Often immersed in the mountains or forests, I am humbly aware of the sacredness of Mother Earth, and how learning to be in balance with our plant allies attunes us to a higher energetic field of consciousness. I clearly believe that bridging the elements of movement, creativity, and ancient earth wisdom can sustainably lead to vibrant energy, soul beauty, and radical transformation for the wellness of all living beings. 

Born in the mountains of Haiti and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the polarity of my experience opened doorways of curiosity, exploration and expression early on. Writing became that medium, and as a young gal I published, ‘Rosie In Space’ which is now my creative platform and business. I have since written + self-published a book of poetry, ‘Sustenance’, after visiting Haiti for the first time since my adoption. As the walker of two worlds, connection and bridging our truths is of the utmost importance in remembering what it feels like to be seen, to belong, and truly know yourself. I deeply wish to create space that will nourish heartfelt connection, perspective, and self-empowerment on the path to our most abundant, creative, and loving self.

Calling all dreamers, yogis, creators, artist, adventurers, and thrill seekers…

We out here!


I wish to create space to nourish connection, perspective, and empowerment on the path to our most abundant, creative, and loving self.

trainings ..

8HR • Mentorship with Greta Hill • Seattle 2019

200HR • Rasa Yoga with Greta Hill • Seattle 2018 - ’19

300HR • Intrinsic Genius with Meghan Currie • Nicaragua 2016 

200HR • Frog Lotus Yoga with Jennifer Yaro • Costa Rica 2013

workhops ..

Wanderlust • Eionn Fin / Janet Stone • Whistler, BC 2019

Fire + Nectar • Sianna Sherman • Seattle 2018

Love and All is Coming • Talia Sutra • Seattle 2017

Splits + Laterals • Carmen Aguilar • Seattle 2016

Adjustments Workshop • Troy Lucero • Seattle 2016

Weekend Module • Kino MacGregor • Seattle 2015/16

1 Day Workshop • Meghan Currie • Seattle 2014 

gratitude ..

photo x @studio_jorg

photo x @studio_jorg

for all my dedicated teachers that have guided me beyond, thank you.

Greta Hill • Troy Lucero • Meghan Currie • Chelsea Wise • Jennifer Yarro • Carla Ludgren • Nature